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Next to the Vatican, our most dangerous enemies are the Arabs of today. They have turned their religion—which originally was benign to the Jews—into a blood thirst against every Jew in the world, but particularly those in Israel. They have never deviated from their resolve to evict—through violent means—the Jews from every inch of the soil of Israel. The double-faced and deceptive statements of the Arabs are analyzed in this section.

Arafat's Secret Speech in Stockholm

Total Collapse of Israel Pending; Millions of Jews to Leave
"We Plan to Eliminate Israel and Establish Purely Palestinian State"

Yasser Arafat has just delivered his most outrageous and revealing speech before a secret meeting in Stockholm of all the Arab ambassadors. The meeting took place on January 30, the birthdate of the late Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme, a friend of the PLO. A leaked report was sent to me from a reliable source.

The day was celebrated with a 250,000-crown prize handed to leftist Jewish youngsters of the Peace Now and the Labor Young Leadership—jointly with the Fatah Youth—for their promotion of "peace" between Jews and Arabs. Yossi Beilin was also in Stockholm for the occasion.

Arafat spoke in a closed meeting to the Arab diplomats, but his speech was leaked through secret channels. His topic was "The Impending Total Collapse of Israel." He stated that at least half of the Russian immigrants to Israel are Christians or Moslems. When the civil war, which can be expected, will break out in Israel, the Russian immigrants will fight for a united Palestinian state. He stated that he has proof that the "so-called Ethiopian Jews" really are Moslems. He announced that both Peres and Beilin would support a Palestinian state as long as some degree of religious freedom would be guaranteed to its Jewish inhabitants. However, the Jews are expected to give up their dwellings and will emigrate to the United States.

"We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem," Arafat declared. "Peres and Beilin have already promised us half of Jerusalem. The Golan Heights have already been given away—subject to just a few details."

Arafat said that as soon as the Golan Heights are returned, at least a million rich Jews will leave Israel.

"All the rich Jews who will get compensation will travel to America," he said.

Arafat then revealed his plan for the Palestinian takeover of Israel:

"We of the PLO will now concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps. Within five years we will have six to seven million Arabs living on the West Bank and in Jerusalem. All Palestinian Arabs will be welcomed back by us. If the Jews can import all kinds of Ethiopians, Russians, Uzbekians and Ukranians as Jews, then we can import all kinds of Arabs to us! (Three and half million Arabs will thus be brought to Palestine.) You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion; Jews will not want to live among us Arabs!

"I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews! We now need all the help we can get from you in our battle for a united Palestine under total Arab-Moslem domination!"

This horrendous revelation of true intentions flies in the face of Arafat's repeated promises to abrogate the dreaded PLO covenant. It is now obvious that he has no such intention, but expects Peres and Beilin to cave in again and surrender Israel to a Palestinian state, in fulfillment of the PLO covenant.

Peres faces a national election: How can he survive the impact of a double- cross by Arafat—his "peace partner? Will not Israelis rise and throw out the party that opened the Pandora's box of PLO aggression? And will the duped American Jews continue to support this "peace process?"

Arafat also revealed in Stockholm that Swedish Prime Minister Ingvar Larson has been approved as a mediator in the negotiations about the future of Jerusalem. The Swedish prime minister also met with Yossi Beilin in Stockholm, during Arafat's visit, and discussed Jerusalem's future.

Beilin's meeting with Larson must be seen against the background of his and Peres' assurances a few days earlier to the OU conference in Jerusalem that Jerusalem is not negotiable and that the status quo will be maintained. Will this brazen double-talk and deception be tolerated by Israelis? Does President Clinton know what Arafat's real intentions are? And does he really care?

We are outraged by the callous disregard that the leftist government in Jerusalem has shown the last four years for the outcries of concerned Jews over the sacrificing of Israel's security, water resources, strategic positions and sacred sites in exchange for the totally uncertain chance-taking with "peace." Meanwhile, the outcries of a vast number of Christian groups are clearly growing, as they see their reliance on Jewish self-interest vanish. In other words, while Christians took for granted that Israel would safeguard its minimal and basic needs, as every nation in history has done, they now find that Israel is history's lone exception: Without provocation or need, Israel—the strongest military power in the Middle East and the victor in all wars against the Arabs—is acting like a meek, vanquished nation, surrendering its most basic interests. Christians never thought this development could be possible; but with this realization, the Christians have gathered in ever greater numbers to protest what is going on and to demand a change in Israel's foreign policy course. Will the leftists in Jerusalem turn a deaf ear to these millions of Christians?

A few weeks ago, a large gathering, representing some 50 Christian human rights groups and millions of Americans, met for several days in Washington to plan action. The groups, coming together as the Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights under Islamization, placed special emphasis in their meeting on the need to expel the Syrian occupiers from Lebanon and to ensure the freedom of the Christians in Southern Lebanon, who have been Israel's loyal allies for many years. They are all united in the knowledge that the Arabs are the invaders, who for the past 1,000 years, have robbed Christians of their land, property, culture and independence. They know that among peoples of the Middle East, only the Jews have regained their ancient independence—hence, their admiration for Israel.

The resulting resolution of the Coalition contains the following passages:

  1. The Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights under Islamization is concerned about the fate of the Lebanese Christians in general, and the Christian population in South Lebanon in particular.
  2. The Coalition rejects any attempts to legitimize Syria's domination over Lebanon and the political, military, legal and economic repression of its Christian community as a reward for any political arrangement.

On Friday, January 22, a delegation of the National Alliance of Lebanese Americans met at the State Department with Dennis Ross, the United States' top Middle East negotiator, to discuss the fate of Lebanon in the framework of the Syrian-Israeli negotiations. Ross promised that Lebanon will not be a part of a Syrian-Israeli deal.

Lobbying was conducted in Congress in the days following these meetings—mainly by Christian Israel PAC and the World Lebanese Organization.

Rev. Jan Willem van der Houven, head of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, recently completed a two-week, grassroots tour, with successful addresses to pro-Israel Christian audiences in Tennessee, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., California and Texas. He has also undertaken to help Moshe Feiglin, the courageous Israeli civil rights activist, who, as head of the non-partisan civil rights group, Zo Artzeinu, is now being indicted by the leftist Israeli government—with the threat of a long jail term—under the accusation of "sedition."

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem issued a lengthy statement after the assassination of Rabin, which contained this passage: "Although peace is the desire of all Israelis, the debate over giving away land for peace will continue to cause deep divisions in Israeli society. It is the prayer of the Christian Embassy that the great legacy of Mr. Rabin, as a military commander who oversaw the miraculous unification of Jerusalem during the 1967 war, will strengthen the resolve of those who desire to see Israeli sovereignty remain over an undivided Jerusalem."




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