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Worst Anti-Semitic Outrage in 1,000 Years Perpetrated by the Church

About a thousand years have passed since the Vatican demonstrated its plans for Jews in Jerusalem. When the Crusaders reached Jerusalem and captured the city -- after having massacred numerous Jewish communities on their way - the princes and knights of the Church promptly killed every Jew in sight. The Christians herded the Jews into a synagogue, and -- as was later copied hundreds of times by Hitler -- put it on fire ... This crime was indicative of what place they would reserve to Jews in the Jewish capital.

Now, 1,000 years later, they have again manifested their passion for barring Jews from Jerusalem and barring Jerusalem from Jews. It happened when Arafat came to Bethlehem, after a series of actions by the Vatican.

As was publicized, Leah Rabin -- who had shown her contempt for the Jewish religion by wearing no head covering at her husband’s funeral, as is the Jewish custom -- visited the pope. In a show of respect for the Christian religion, she wore a very chaste, large hat. (She had previously shown her respect for the Moslem religion by declaring that she would prefer that her grandchildren marry Moslems rather than religious Jews.) In either an intended or unintended faux pas, she declared that the pope had told her that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. This statement was not only denied the very next day by the Vatican, but the pope immediately dispatched his cardinal in charge of inter-religious relations, Archbishop Tauran, to Jerusalem. While for show he visited the chief rabbi, the president and the prime minister, Tauran carried out the pope’s order to dismantle the Jewish claim to Jerusalem without waiting for any of the "final negotiations" under the Oslo agreement.

And this is how it happened: The Christian Orthodox Patriarch Deodorus I handed over to Arafat the keys and custody of all Christian churches in Jerusalem, including the church of the Sepulcher. This was done in the presence of the Catholic, Anglican and Greek Orthodox archbishops. And he made the following statement to the beaming PLO terror chief: "I am heir of Sophronius and I am handing the keys to Christian holy sites in Jerusalem to the heir of Omar ibn al-Khattab." Sophronius was the last representative of the Byzantine empire to rule over Jerusalem, who, after the capture of the city by Omar in 638, signed a surrender treaty with the Moslem leader in which Jews would be banned from living in Jerusalem. The name "Jerusalem" did not appear in the Omar-Sophronius treaty. Only the Roman pagan name, Aelia Capitolina -- introduced by Emperor Hadrian -- was used.

Arafat has from time to time alluded to his ambition to be another Omar, just as the late President Anwar Sadat said in his Knesset speech, "Let us invoke the spirit of Omar." Although unnoticed during Sadat’s life, any reference to Omar simply means, "Jerusalem must be Judenrein."

This utter perfidy performed by the Church has a two-fold purpose:

  1. It wants to show the world that Israel cannot be trusted with the shrines of other religions, despite her impeccable record in assuring freedom of worship and religion and protection of all holy shrines and despite the murderous record of Moslems as custodians -- they destroyed churches in Lebanon, and all the synagogues in the Old City;
  2. By giving away the Christian section of Jerusalem to the Moslems, the Church weakens the political influence of Israel over Jerusalem and, G-d forbid, destroys it.

As I wrote in a recent column, for the Vatican, keeping Jerusalem out of Jewish hands is essential for maintaining the Christian religion, because according to the Gospels, the Jews must remain punished and banned from the Holy City as long as they do not recognize the (Jewish) "Founder" of the Christian religion -- although their religion was founded by yet another Jew, Paul, who did not know Jesus.

I also reported last year that the Israeli press revealed that Peres, even before the Oslo agreement, had made an agreement with the Vatican that the Christians would be given the over-all control of our capital -- to be "sub-divided" into Christian, Moslem and Jewish sectors. Peres has been totally silent in the face of the latest Vatican outrage: no protest, no retaliation at this insult and political attack on Israeli sovereignty. Is Peres a participant in this horrible offense against Jewish honor, history and claim?

Coming on top of the recent lopsided, 128-1 U.N. vote against Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, the Peres government’s failure to oppose by all available meas this intrusion into Jewish sovereignty is what is responsible for the fatal erosion of our position in Jerusalem.

Does Peres Know What Arafat Really Thinks of Jews?: ‘Filth! Dogs! Trash!’

Those Jews who lined up in New York to shake hands with Arafat were not only shaking the hands of a man with countless murders of Jews on his conscience, but -- probably unknown to most of them or conveniently forgotten -- they were shaking the hands of someone who has also hurled the most outrageous insults and curses against Jews since Hitler.

Some time ago, a telephone conversation by Arafat with someone in Paris was monitored and recorded. The gist of his statements was: "The Jews -- damn their fathers! The dogs, filth and dirt! Trash is always trash! The rotten Jews -- I will settle accounts with them in the future!"

There may be those who will say that Arafat has changed his feelings and is now only harboring gentlemanly sentiments about Jews. No such luck! His speeches in Arabic -- shielded from Jewish viewers by Peres and Israeli government censorship -- reveal that he is hell-bent on fulfilling his decision to "settle accounts" with Jews. He praises anyone who has killed Jews in suicide attacks, he vows to take away our Land and capital.

Like the leopard who does not change its spots, Arafat has had no change of heart. Only Peres and his like have a change of heart. The seem to have abandoned Jewish honor, security and future.

The Growing Anti-Jewish Bias of the New York Times

The New York Times continues to display its extreme anti-Jewish bias in its reporting. When it came to the Bethlehem take-over by the PLO, the Times ignored reports of widespread Christian calls to boycott the ceremony because of the PLO’s sordid record of destruction of Christian churches in Lebanon and murders of Christian nuns, priests and worshipers. The Times ignored signs that the PLO had placed in Bethlehem in the past, written on the PLO flag, reading: "Today we kill the Saturday children (Jews), tomorrow we will kill the Sunday children (Christians)." Any newspaper that fails to report such important news is obviously one-sided and biased.

Instead, the Time saw the Bethlehem take-over only as a great victory for the Moslems. When it comes to Rabin’s assassination, here are some invectives used: The Times wrote that Agile Amir was "fired by those who spew violent religious ideology." Would they talk of Catholics or Protestants "spewing religious ideology"? They only reserve that utterly ugly term for the Jewish religion. Last Sunday the Times characterized the assassination as a "racist act"! What could possibly have been racist about it? Are not all Jews involved in these events of the same race?

The Late Anwar Sadat Mocked Anyone who Trusted Assad’s Word

We again see the spectacle of Americans and Israelis running, hat in hand, to elicit some kind of "word" from the arch-schemer, Hafez Assad of Syria. Leading them is American Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who was Jimmy Carter’s close disciple. As a member of the Carter administration, he should have learned a lesson about the treachery of the Syrian dictator and should not lead Israel, America’s faithful ally, into the Syrian trap. The best testimony we have comes, posthumously, from the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, whose memoirs were published under the title Those I have Known.

In his memoirs Sadat mocks Jimmy Carter for putting any faith in the double crosses of Assad: "Carter did not know how to handle the Syrians. He imagined they would be as good as their word and was taken aback when he found that the word of a Syrian was in fact a thousand and one words and that what they agreed to one day they rejected the next."

Bearing this treacherous character in mind, what can Israel expect from the so-called "peace" negotiations, other than that the Syrians will gain everything and Israel will lose everything. No wonder that all leading generals have now lined up against the Peres government, including Gen. Yitzchak Mordechai commander of the Northern front; Gen. Dan Shomron, hero of the Entebbe raid; Gen. Peled, intelligence chief; Gen. Avigdor Kahalani, air force chief and hero of the Yom Kippur War; Gen Hod, air force chief; and many more ...

Gen. Arik Sharon has declared his support for Bibi Netanyahu and it is likely that Dovid Levy will also re-join the Likud party ... When Israel’s very survival is in danger -- and Peres even offers to give up Israel’s vital deterrent, its atomic power -- the call for unity must override all other considerations.




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