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Clinton’s Pressure on Israel Out in the Open

The Clinton Administration has been beset by a long series of embarrassing failures in the field of foreign policy. Think only of Somalia, Haiti, North Korea, Bosnia and Japan, and you will realize what bleak prospects Clinton will have facing the electorate next year.

One nice foreign policy success must -- by hook or by crook -- be produced. Which people are better suited for being kicked in the pants, but the Jews? This has traditionally been the way out for rulers in the past, from the Russian czars to the dictator of Italy, and others.

To Clinton’s good fortune, his White House is infested with Jews of the self-hating variety who would cheer him on in any attempt to pressure Israel into giving up its most vital defenses and territory. Even his wife, Hillary, is close to the well-known, great enemy of Zionism. I am referring to members of the Peace Now movement, which works for the realization of Arafat’s dream of a Palestinian state.

Clinton’s secretary of state, Warren Christopher, has always been identified as a disciple of Jimmy Carter, who after accepting an eight million dollar "donation" from Arabs, turned into a promoter of Arab interests. In addition, Clinton took over, as a block, the entire Bush-Baker crew in the State Department -- led by Dennis Ross, former Secretary of State James Baker’s heavy in Middle East talks, now promoted to "ambassador" -- and placed them in charge of the Israel-Arab conflict.

At first, Jews -- 85 percent of whom voted for Clinton -- put their faith in Clinton’s campaign promises: mainly to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem; to ensure Israel’s military edge over Arab nations; and not to interfere or exert pressure in the ongoing negotiations between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Where do Clinton’s promises stand now?

Dennis Ross: Tool for Pressure

A few weeks after the infamous Rabin-Arafat handshake on the White House lawn in September 1993, Dennis Ross appeared on television with Frank Gaffney, the former Defense Department official who is a recognized expert on security matters in the Middle East. Ross emphatically declared several times during the interview -- and I have a videotape of the program -- that Arafat will be closely held to the commitments he made publicly for the whole world to see and hear -- mainly his commitment to stop terrorism and to abrogate the PLO covenant.

Ross assured his listeners that if Arafat failed to keep these commitments, the whole peace accord would be nullified! Now, almost two years later -- with nothing for the PLO to show for itself but violations of these and other commitments -- where is Ross’ promise to put a stop to the "peace" process? During a personal meeting that I had with Ross last year, he assured me that the United States would never impose solutions on Israel. The word of Ross, as that of the other spokesmen for the Clinton administration, unfortunately is now proven worthless.

Rather than refraining from any pressure or meddling in the negotiations, Washington -- through Christopher and Ross -- is working like a steamroller to mow down any resistance from the Rabin government to America’s forced solutions for Israel. The worst example of this is the following:

Rabin has repeatedly assured the Israeli public that before he signs any agreement with Syria, there will be a "mish’al le’am" -- a referendum. Ignoring this Israeli government decision, Ross has now ordered that the referendum be held not before but after an agreement with Syria is signed! In other words, Washington wants to destroy the natural, free choice of the Israeli public by presenting them with a fait accompli that psychologically will be difficult to overrule. The referendum will in effect simply say: "Do you agree with the signed agreement or do you want war?" Such a referendum will obviously be meaningless.

Clinton is also reported to have invited President Ezer Weizman to Washington to talk him out of his publicized opposition to further PLO autonomy.

Ultimate Insult: Christopher Causes Desecration of Shabbat

In the past, Washington has always shown its respect for the Jewish religion by avoiding any act that would break the Sabbath. Now, however, with a leftist, anti-religious government ruling Israel, Washington no longer feels it has to respect Judaism any more than does the Rabin government. Therefore Christopher recently held a meeting with Rabin on Shabbat, and he travels in and out of Israel on Friday nights and Saturdays, which causes endless violations of the Sabbath at the airport. His lame "apology" for these violations impress nobody. Respect for Jews is at an all-time low in the White House.

This is certain to be remembered in 1996.

Clinton Copying FDR’s Double Cross?

In honoring Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the great hero of the Second World War who, together with Churchill, defeated Hitler, we must never forget his failure to bomb the railroad lines to Auschwitz or otherwise impede the Holocaust and his refusal to back the establishment of a Jewish national Home in Eretz Yisrael. On March 9, 1944, he stated that, in the face of the Nazi genocide, a Jewish National Home was more urgent than ever and that he in proper time, would implement this goal. But, typical for FDR’s double games, on the same day he ordered the Speaker of the House to kill a resolution -- and subsequently stopped similar resolutions -- calling for a Jewish Commonwealth.

In the 1944 election campaign he approved a Democratic platform that backed the Zionist program for a Jewish Commonwealth. On October 15, he declared that -- if elected -- he would carry this program out. Yet the very next day he sent guarantees to Arab states that this would not happen. With only anti-Zionists staffing the White House and the State Department, it was no surprise that his widely publicized meeting with King Ibn Saud in early 1944 resulted in FDR’s most anti-Zionist and pro-Arab statement. Meanwhile, the Jewish community, led by Reform Rabbi Stephen Wise, cheered Roosevelt and never criticized him.

There was no Jew in high position who was pro-Zionist or who raised his voice for a Jewish cause. The only meaningful Jewish demonstration in Washington occurred when 400 rabbis traveled to the capital in the hope of meeting Roosevelt in person and pleading for their Jewish brothers. But Roosevelt’s Jewish advisor, Judge Sam Roseman, counseled FDR to absent himself from the city on that day!

The parallels with the Clinton administration are obvious: the platform promises; the double cross; the lame Jewish establishment efforts; the attempts by rabbis to appeal to the government; the anti-Zionist White House and State Department.




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