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Gazans: We Had it Better under Israel

A recent poll of Palestinians in Gaza reveals some extremely significant points.

Do you remember how Arafat and his leftist fanatic supporters among Jews -- including Anthony Lewish of the New York Times -- tried to convince us that Arafat was a democrat who only aspired to a truly democratic society, where all religions have equal rights? Well, listen to what his own people are saying today.

A Palestinian, Dr. Iad Saraj, conducted a poll showing that 90 percent of all Gazans think they were better off under Israel, and that there is no democracy or semblance of freedom under Arafat -- only corruption and tyranny. The system, some say, is "Arafat Inc.," with all power and money going strictly to Arafat. Revelation of his vast private wealth -- held in a Swiss bank, with a well-known account number -- will soon be made public, including the horrendous misuse by Arafat of the funds intended for Gaza.

Do you remember how Peres and Co. Kept telling the whole world that all we had to do to stop terrorism was to stuff the pockets of the PLO with money, and terrorism would stop? Not so, say the Palestinians themselves. Firstly, the greatest support for terrorism, according to the poll, is among the affluent and highly educated Palestinians. The poll report concludes, "Finding a solution to the economic distress of the Palestinians will not solve any problems."

The notion that peace with the Palestinians will come through improving their economic status -- along with the delusion that they will make peace because they believe that all religions are equal -- must be discarded, because all acts of the PLO are only subject to the Koran and Islam. Again the leftist extremists have lied to us.

Beilin to U.S. Congress and American Jews: Go to Hell!

The California office of AIPAC has issued an amazing press release on a confrontation between Yossi Beilin, the controversial deputy foreign minister of Israel, and American Jewish leaders. When asked about the violations by the PLO of the Oslo and Cairo agreements, Beilin displayed a degree of chutzpah that was even outrageous by his standards.

He said in so many words that Congress and American Jews can go to hell; they have, in his opinion, no right to remind Israel of the commitments that Arafat made on the White House lawn in September 1993 and to ask for compliance with those commitments before U.S. tax money is shelled out to the terrorist organization. Only he, Beilin, has the right to judge whether Arafat should be held to his commitments. And evidently Beilin and Co. Do not plan to hold Arafat to any commitments whatsoever, so that, meanwhile, Jewish blood can flow in torrents through uncontrolled terrorism.

The scandal of this incident has now become known the world over, having been publicized by a number of organizations, including the prestigious Center for Strategic policies in Washington and the Zionist Organization of America. One must really ask: How long will Israelis tolerate politicians who show not only disregard for the security of Jews and the preservation of Jewish territory, but who also alienate and antagonize the most important supporters of Israel, the U.S. Congress and the Jewish community in America? No doubt we will witness lots of fireworks in the press and the Jewish organizations as a result of Beilin’s "performance."

Peace Watch Reports Serious Violations by the PLO

Peace Watch is a nonpartisan organization in Israel consisting of technical experts from the left and the right who are monitoring the compliance by Israel and by the PLO of the Oslo and Cairo agreements. The board of Peace Watch is made up of professors, lawyers and other experts. Its reports are therefore highly respected and publicized in the Israeli media.

One of the most important clauses in the agreements with the PLO is that -- in order to maintain the often-declared Israeli claim to an undivided Jerusalem as the Jewish capital -- no Palestinian activity is to take place in any part of the Holy City. After this agreement was reached by the PLO under the insolent Facial Hasten -- kinsman of the Mufti, the great anti-Semite Al Had Main el Hasten -- the Palestinians brazenly established a "Foreign Ministry" in the Orient House in Jerusalem.

An outcry went up and protests were hurled at Rabin. I myself asked Rabin a few months ago at the UNA-Federation General Assembly in Denver, when the Orient House would be closed down. With a straight face, Rabin answered: "We need a new law to accomplish that!" Well, that law has now been enacted, and yet Rabin has not moved a finger to stop the violations in the Orient House.

Now Peace Watch has come out with a 70-page book titled "Institutions of the Palestine Authority in Jerusalem," which reports not only one violation, but scores of violations that are going unopposed by the Rabin government. The book shows -- in chapter after chapter, photograph after photograph -- details of a growing number of offices of the Palestine Authority established right in the Jewish capital.

Among them are the Palestinian Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Office of the Mufti of Jerusalem, the office of the Palestinian Economic Court of Affairs, the Palestinian Energy Center, the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics, and the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation. There are a few more, which are closely connected with the Palestine Authority and are now situated in Jerusalem, the Palestine Health Council and the Palestine Housing Council.

All of these institutions, under the Oslo and Cairo agreements, are to be situated strictly in Gaza and Jericho! It is prohibited for them to be in Jerusalem. And on top of it, their printed matters brazenly bear the style "State of Palestine."

How can Rabin maintain that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel, when he allows the brazen Palestinians to make a mockery of that claim?

Of course the opposition parties, led by the Likud, are constantly prodding Rabin to implement the laws by evicting all these illegal activities and offices of the PLO from our capital -- at least as a significant way to celebrate the 3,000th anniversary of Jerusalem. Jerusalem should be purged of the cancer of the anti-Israel terrorist activities and offices, from where the total destruction of Israel is being plotted every day. On Facial Hasten’s recently published map, Tel Aviv is called a "settlement," with all the implications.




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