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Islam in America

The public, and especially the Jewish public, has in recent years been shocked by the anti-Semitic rhetoric and diatribe that has flowed from the mouths of black leaders. Starting with Jesse Jackson's venomous reference to New York as "Himytown," these diatribes have grown into a flood of crude and gross hate-filled litanies, which have not been heard since the heyday of Hitler. The question is, where does that hate propaganda come from?

On a larger scale, the extreme hostility by Moslem Arabs against Israel and Jews is most clearly personified in the Hamas Constitution, which calls for the killing of Jews wherever they can be found.

To discover the generator that drives this hatred, it is enlightening to examine the literature that Moslem hate groups have published, as well as the inside documents distributed in the Moslem community.

A publisher of characteristic literature is the Qoranic Open University, Inc. USA, which recently published a book titled Target Islam, which is nothing more than 265 pages preaching unbridled hatred against Jews and Zionists. In the tradition of the old Russian forgery, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -- which is still the "Bible" to some Moslem Arabs today -- Target Islam pins every ill on earth on a "Jewish conspiracy" to rule the world.

While praising the "benevolence of Moslems and their desire to live in peace and harmony with their fellow creatures in G-d's creation," the book states that it is "Zionist hatred that is plotting against mankind." The Zionists are spreading "malicious fabrications against Moslems" in order to "destroy the good work of the Moslems and divide them from friendship with their Christian brethren." Yet it talked of the "exposure of decadence in the high ranks of the Christian ministry" as the reason for the rapid rise in conversion to Islam in the United States.

Among the events that Target Islam attributes to the Zionists is the Gulf War, which it says was orchestrated by the Zionists, "because their purpose is to physically destroy as much Moslem life and property as possible using whatever and whomever." It even attributes to the Jews the fighting in Kashmir, the province claimed by both India and Pakistan. "In Kashmir, Israel directly supplies weapons and training to the Indian soldiers, who rape, torture and pillage the people and property of Kashmir."

The fighting between Bosnians and Serbs is described as "the struggle of Moslem brothers against the Serbian aggressor." The World Trade Center bombing and revelations of terrorist plans by the Brooklyn Moslem bombers are described as a case of mistaken identity. "In New York a group of Moslems were being trained by an FBI plant, whom they believed would lead them to Bosnia to participate in the struggle there...Imagine their surprise when they were arrested along with their training materials and charged with plotting to blow up the Holland Tunnel along with other targets in New York City." The book explains the increasing suspicion of Moslems in this country as being the result of Zionists worried about the "growing influence of Moslems in the Western world. Thus the Zionists have taken great pains to implicate Moslems in terrorists conspiracies, especially in the late manufactured New York incidents." The accusation against Sheikh Uram A. Rahman, who was sentenced in Egypt for terror acts, before he fled to this country, are called "false propaganda."

But the main targets of the author's hatred are the Task Force on Terrorism of the House of Representatives and the Anti-Defamation League. The former, has been a tremendously successful research team in the office of Rep. Bill McCollum (R-Fla.), with the research mainly conducted by Joseph Bodansky, whom the Moslems call "a Mossad spy."

The ADL is pictured as running paramilitary camps "that are equipped as small armies that are put together expressly to train members for terrorist and paramilitary activities to guard the security of their Jewish state, Israel ... including the horrendous slaughter committed by one of its trained members in the massacre of Moslem worshiper at the Hebron Mosque in Palestine." In other words, Dr. Goldstein was, according to this story, a paramilitary anti-terrorist trained in this country by the ADL. (Mr. Abraham Foxman, take note!)

The general description of Jews is presented as follows: "The Jews are condemned by Allah for their actions, as written in the Holy Koran. They are described as liars, cheats and conspirators with hearts harder than rocks, and not only that, but a large number of them were turned into apes and swine, as punishment for their conspiracy to violate the command of G-d. They, the disobedient Jews, are sentenced to a life of misery and homelessness and debasement for their acts."

Israel, according to Target Islam, "is the stolen homeland of the Palestinians. Israelites in their disobedience to their Creator, forsook all rights to any `promised land' wherever that might have been." This passage is clearly aimed at blunting the strong argument made by Mohammed himself in the Koran (Sura 17:104) that G-d promised the land to the "Children of Israel," which I have often cited in these columns.

The World Trade Center bombing is very much on the mind of the author of the book. He concludes his analysis of the bombing with this statement: "The World Trade Center bombing was a design of the Mossad to lessen the rush of world opinion turning against the Zionist Jews because of their expulsion of 364 Moslems from Israel. The bombing was supposed to divert the attention of the world from that event and to create hate and fear in the American public against Moslems in general. That is why the bomb blew up at an off hour with minimum damage to life and property."

As to fundamentalism itself, the author concludes that "the Zionists have created this term `fundamentalism' to make the unsuspecting feel that their prejudice is now against the general body of Moslems."

The book then turns to a favored subject going back to the Russian forgery "The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion," namely, the Rothschilds. They claim that the Rothschild's International Bank eventually led to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, over which the U.S. government has no control. (Mr. Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, take note!) The Rothschilds, whom the world admires for their public-spirited, philanthropic enterprises in most countries of the world, are pictured as "a dark crew of financial pirates who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket. They prey on the people of America."

Jews are not Semites

The author denies that Arabs are anti-Semites, because in his opinion the Jews are not Semites, but descendants of Mongols who founded the Khazar empire in 740 C.E. The descendants of the Mongolian Khazars, say the book, "are most commonly known as Russian or Polish Jews ... They have no claim to Palestine."

Denying the Holocaust

It is interesting that all enemies of Jews and Israel have one thing in common. They deny the Holocaust. The Moslems in America do not wish to be outdone by the neo-Nazis and parrot the line of the Holocaust deniers: "There is no one who can substantiate the six million count of Jewish deaths in World War II, which is claimed by the Zionists." Target Islam proclaims that, rather than dying from atrocities or the gas chambers, Jews died "from the extremely poor conditions in the concentration camps and due to starvation." The book goes on and on with accusations against the Jews, in some instances using misquotations from the Talmud -- all in the tradition of the ancient anti-Semitism of the Church and ultimately of Hitler and Streicher, editor of "Der Stürmer." It also reproduces the old Nazi accusation that the Jews control the media.

Task Force on Terrorism

The author's special ire is reserved for the successful Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare carried on for some years by the staff in Rep. Bill McCollum's office. They must therefore feel profound glee that Rep. Newt Gingrich, the incoming speaker of the House, recently disbanded all caucuses in the House of Representatives. As unbelievable as it sounds, the Task Force on Terrorism was a victim of that same banishment of caucuses. That would not only spell glorious victory for the Moslems and Moslem terrorists around the world, but would expose every American man, woman and child to terror acts that cannot be detected or foretold without the thorough monitoring that the task force carried out. You should therefore write to your congressman, especially if he is a Republican, to maintain the work of the Task Force on Terrorism in one form or another and to maintain its thoroughly trained staff. The existence of the task force is needed now more than ever, as demonstrated by the recent excellent TV documentary by Steve Emerson, "Jihad in America." This documentary was an eye-opener to millions of Americans, with its flood of eye-witness, first-hand video tapes of Moslem leaders egging on their followers to terror acts, especially against Jews.

Islam Under Siege -- Another Recent Book

In June 1993, the Arabic United Association for Studies and Research published a 47-page study, which gives the impression of being serious research judging by its large number of footnotes, documentation that is absent in Target Islam. However, the line of argument is practically synonymous in both books.

The main thrust of Islam Under Siege is directed against the Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, chaired in Congress by Re. Bill McCollum. The book tries to discredit this prestigious task force by calling its findings prejudiced and exaggerated. The book also distances itself from the most cherished American philosophy -- the "Judeo-Christian heritage." Instead, the author recognizes "primarily the products of an Islamic history and bases his world view on that identity."

The author has a long list of writers, scholars and organizations whom he wishes to discredit, such as Professor Bernard Lewis, columnist Richard Grenier of the Washington Post, Mortimer B. Zuckermann, publisher of U.S. News & World Report, Amos Perlmutter, editor of Journal of Strategic Studies, ads in the name of FLAME, the ADL and a large number of popular magazines and journals. He attacks Rabin and Chaim Herzog and other Jewish leaders. His main aim is to whitewash Hamas and the PLO and to deny any Arab culpability in the World Trade Center bombing. About Hamas he says, "Hamas is always careful to avoid killing innocents." (Tell that to the victims of the Tel Aviv bus attack.)

Interestingly, the author of Islam Under Siege admits that "Islam is plagued by two general ills: a) the extremist tendencies of the movement; and b) a significant failure to address issues of concern to Western nations and secularists. Mainstream Islamists should not be held accountable for the actions of extremists ..." This sudden about-face smacks very much of the customary Arab deception in order to confuse their enemies. Therefore, beware!

Moslem Educational Network

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) held a convention September 2-5 in Chicago. Its extensive program book is quite revealing as to the sophisticated methods that have been adopted by this society to indoctrinate the young with traditional Moslem concepts and to prepare them for a Moslem society in America.

Every effort was made at this convention, as evidenced by the program book, to make as good an impression as possible on non-Moslem observers. The instructions are therefore given to participants to "keep your appearance as neat as possible, keep your rooms neat and orderly, keep bathrooms clean."

The very professionally worked out convention program calls for each hour of the convention to be filled with specific lectures and workshops -- very much like the standard American conventions. Here are some of the programs:

· "Vision for the Future: Addressing the Hopes and Dreams for the Future of the Moslem Nation"

· "Moslem World Issues, Palestine and Algeria: Discussion of the Peace Talks in the Middle East and the Crushing of the Democratically Elected Leadership in Algeria, Bosnia and Kashmire; What Lessons and Parallels We Can Draw From these Situations to Our Positions Here in North America"

· "Identity Crisis Among Moslems: Passing Our Hates and Prejudices to Our Children" . Education plays a central role in these conventions, as we see from this incredible statement, promoting a practice not sanctioned in any other society -- passing hatred and prejudices from generation to generation!

· "Spreading the Moslem Message Throughout the Campuses: Moslem Students, Their Role Here and Abroad: A Lecture About the Student Movement and its Role and Contribution to Islamic Work in North American and in the Islamic World."

· "Interfaith Workshop and Dialogue Cooperation Between Moslems and Peoples of Other Faiths." The Convention assumed that Moslems were interested in respect for other religions. Judaism was represented by a Dr. Howard Sulkin of Spartus College. If you read the program side by side with the quotations from Target Islam cited above, you realize the discrepancies.

· "Protecting Your Community From Anti-Moslem Acts and Dealing with the FBI (!)" Arab fear of the FBI was amply demonstrated in this workshop. Again, a comparison between the two publications is enlightening.

The convention organizers clearly aimed at prime-time publicity: "Before you know it, our activities will go from campuses to CNN and public schools, Insh-Allah (G-d willing)."

The convention also dealt with standard concerns, such as financial problems, investment possibilities, etc.

The professional approach of this convention, as compared to the crude, crass hostility and intransigence displayed in Target Islam, shows the two faces of Islam -- the public facade and the private. For example, compare what Arafat tells CNN with what he said in Arabic in Johannesburg about his Jihad (Holy War) plans!

Deception is a tactic widely used by the Arabs. But to understand Islam, it is incumbent on us to learn as much as possible about its tenets, nature and tactics.




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