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Scandalous PLO Letters Authenticated by Congressional Task Force

In the midst of the Clinton Administration’s campaign to whitewash Arafat and his terrorist PLO organization, a great embarrassment arose: the discovery of super-secret PLO documents that evidence the diversion of donors’ funds for illegitimate purposes and other scandalous transactions. To cover this embarrassment, the administration went to every extreme to suppress news of these documents and to clamp a secrecy stamp on any revelations of abuse regarding Arafat’s finances contained in the General Accounting Office’s report on the subject. The entire American press has fallen in line by suppressing mention of these documents, led by the New York Times, which evidently did not think that these explosive revelations were "news fit to print."

Meanwhile, however, major parts of the secret PLO papers have been authenticated by the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Non-Conventional Weapons, a leading congressional tool for investigating terrorist activities around the world made up of top experts. The Task Force comes under the Intelligence Committee of Rep. Jim Saxton (R-N.J.). The Task Force is, of course, the object of strenuous attacks by Arabs and pro-Arab groups in this country, who cannot stand to have the Moslem community in this country carry the stigma of terrorism and the support of terrorists.

With the bulk of the PLO papers authenticated, they are now part of the public record, having been entered into the Congressional Record of June 28, 1995. Will the press stay away from this gold mine of historic documentation on the greatest fraud and conning act by a terrorist in history? Or will the tenets of a free press prevail? I am informed that the Swedish press is going to publish these incriminating letters; why not the U.S. press?

From the Congressional Record

After the September 1993 agreement was signed, the world’s donors set up an independent organization called the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction, known as PECDAR. Donors’ money was supposed to be channeled to PECDAR strictly for the financing of social and economic projects for the good of the Palestinian population. PECDAR was supposed to be totally insulated from the PLO and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

Instead, the secret PLO papers show that there was consistent abuse of this arrangement. Instead of PECDAR choosing independently the projects for which donors’ money should be used, the PLO and PNA demanded that PECDAR funds be diverted to "projects" picked by Arafat himself, totally in violation of the mandate of PECDAR. These gross violations are enumerated in detail in the Congressional Record. Here are some brief glimpses of the gross abuse and violations by Arafat of commitments made to international bodies. In each of the letters, Arafat gave personal instructions to Muhammad Nashashibi, "Minister of Finance" of the PNA, followed by the latter’s confirmation that Arafat’s instructions were carried out.

Document No. 1, dated August 1994: Arafat instructs Nashashibi to transfer in the most secretive and camouflaged way the amount of $20 million abroad into a clandestine private bank account for the explicit purpose of bribing. Members of Knesset to support a Palestinian State and for other pro-PLO political activities inside Israel.

Document No. 2, August 1994: Arafat instructs Nashashibi to arrange clandestine funding for acquisition of land inside Jerusalem "for the consolidation of the foundations of the Palestinian State."

The sum of $15 million was transferred. The letter stresses the clandestine character of the deal, stressing, "We do not want to have this activity appear under the name of PNA as this could be used against us for political reasons in international circles, particularly the American administration."

Document No. 3, August 1994: Arafat gives instructions for a $12 million fund for buying apartments in Jerusalem for personal friends of Arafat’s.

Document No. 4: Arafat instructs Nashashibi to secretly fund a publicity center for Raymunda Tawil, Arafat’s mother-in-law, and Ibrahim Qar’in, in Jerusalem.

Documents 5, 6, 7: Arafat orders the investment in the computer companies of Ali and Mazzan Sha’at, sons of Dr. Nabil Sha’at, the key negotiator with Israel. The letter stresses that Arafat places special importance on this investment.

Documents 8, 9, 10: Nashashibi is instructed by Arafat to use PECDAR funds to establish several companies, including import-export operations, under the private auspices of Dr. Amin Haddad, a close friend of Arafat who is to maintain control over the local economy. The letter is followed by a confirmation that the clandestine funds were deposited in Dr. Haddad’s private accounts, with Haddad’s confirmation that the shares in the companies really belong to Arafat’s PNA, and that Haddad is only acting as a "dummy" for the real owner.

Documents 11, 12, 13: Arafat, through Nashashibi, orders the establishment of "effective control over the commercial market," including the financial market and key import-export financing, and insurance and contracting firms to be supervised, nominally, by Arafat’s crony, Jamil Tarifi. Instructions are given that the transfer of funds must be made clandestinely as to give the appearance that the companies are privately owned.

Document No. 14: Arafat gives Nashashibi instructions to divert $1.5 million to establish a chicken farm so it can be said that he provides work for Palestinian workers. The clandestine transfer is directed to Ibrahim Qar’in’s private accounts. The letter stresses that Arafat considers this project very important.

Each of the 14 letters is followed by a letter of confirmation of compliance. Thus this secret correspondence covers 28 letters. This is the number that A.M. Rosenthal mentioned in his widely noted column titled "The PLO Papers."

Arafat’s Gold Heist

There exist other documents, including Swiss Bank account certificates of deposit of huge amounts of gold in Arafat’s name, in accounts opened at the Union Bank Switzerland (UBS) at Bahnhofstrasse 45, Zurich. The origin of this gold was recently confirmed by the famous Christian churchman, the Rev. Jan Willem van der Houven, head of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

At a Christian Conference in Virginia Beach, Va., last month, he publicly disclosed that when the PLO held Beirut, Arafat had the wall between a church and the Bank of the Middle East dynamited. He then entered the bank vault, hauled out gold bars to the tune of a billion dollars or more and had them loaded on a truck, which he directed to the airport where they were put on a plane for Zurich and Arafat’s bank account. Dr. Van der Houven repeated the story of Arafat’s gold heist on American television.

It is doubtful that the General Accounting Office even knows of this heist. At any rate, the $500 million of American tax payers’ money voted by Congress for the PLO is really "small change" for Arafat compared with his private wealth. Anyone else in his position would hardly press for such handouts; but then again, Arafat represents the Arab world where everything ends in money-changing hands...

Congress owes a debt of gratitude to the Task Force on Terrorism and Non-Conventional Weapons for authenticating these secret documents. These revelations must necessarily weigh on those senators and congressmen who are considering releasing further tax payers’ money to Arafat, the PNA and PECDAR ... We know the trail the previous funds took!

Ferocious Arafat Video

A video of greatest importance has been widely circulated in the country. It covers Arafat’s recent "Peace Speech" held before thousands of terrorists in Gaza a few weeks ago. In this video you hear Arafat’s blood curdling words in Arabic to his own people -- totally at odds with his sugar sweet words in English to the Western world. He praises the "martyrs" who died in terror attacks, and pledges to fulfill their mission of blood and violence in "liberating" Palestine, as the PLO anthem proclaims.

He swears that none of the PLO resolutions have been canceled and that all given promises of the PLO stand. He proclaims: "We are on the way to dying a martyr’s death, on the way to El-Kuds (Jerusalem), the Capital of the State of Palestine and of no other state; its political and religious authority belongs only to the Palestinian people. On to El Kuds! El Kuds! El Kuds!"

This video has been shown on cable TV and to most members of Congress and has made, of course, a devastating impression: a man who pretends to be a "peace partner," whom a civilized government such as the U.S. government, is supposed to shake hands with. But the semi-comical sequel to this historic document is that Shimon Peres, Israel’s foreign minister, and spokesmen for Americans for Peace Now rushed to declare it a "forgery"! But they did not get very far with this ruse: Arafat disavowed him and declared the video genuine! Peres tries to deceive us again.




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