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Playing the 'Price is Right' -- $850,000 for Dismantling Israel?

In 1905 Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, died in Sweden. He was a bachelor and left all of his considerable wealth to a foundation -- the Nobel foundation--which had instructions to invest the estate and distribute the annual interest to leading men of science and literature. The categories for Nobel prizes were originally physics, chemistry, medicine and literature, to be distributed in Stockholm each year on December 10, while a peace prize would be awarded in Oslo, the capital of Norway, which at that time was a Swedish province or colony and had been for some hundreds of years. Later a prize in economics was added.

While the Stockholm prizes are given to awardees selected by the Swedish Academy, the peace prize is awarded to a candidate selected by the Norwegian Parliament. The prize for tens of years was worth in the neighborhood of $200,000, but lately, because of the sound investment policy of the Nobel Foundation, the prize has been steadily rising and is now worth around $850,000.

The Nobel Peace Prize has lately become the greatest lure for ambitious statesmen, who are jockeying constantly for position in the race to find favor and influence with the Norwegian Parliament. But not all awardees are crazy about showing up to collect the coveted prize. When Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat were awarded the Peace Prize, Sadat refused to show up. Perhaps Sadat in his heart knew that peace had not really been established, because Moslems by rules of Islam are not allowed to conclude lasting peace with Infidels -- Jews and Christians. When Kissinger and Le Duc Tho, the top North Vietnarnese peace negotiator, won the prize, Le Duc Tho did not show up. At least he was honest: The alleged peace unravelled very soon thereafter into a complete victory by the Communist North over the South and over America.

Rabin and Peres and Nobel Prize

Lately it has become clear that both Rabin and Peres are jockeying for favored position with the Norwegians. If you notice, Peres shows up with Arafat in the Norwegian capital "every Monday and Thursday," as the saying goes. Rabin, who also has his sights set on the prestigious prize, is said to be raving mad at Peres for his obvious "electioneering" in Oslo. Arafat -- as illogical as it sounds for an unreconstructed terror and murder chief -- is also in line to share the prize with either Rabin or Peres, or with both. What a travesty of truth considering that close to 70 Jews have been murdered since the signing of the "peace" agreement!

The winners of the Peace Prize will be announced on October 14. Until then, by hook or by crook, Peres and Rabin must maintain the momentum or outward appearance of peace. Censorship ensures that the hundreds of victims of Hizbollah attacks in the north of Israel and elsewhere are kept secret. Recently, when a Jewish contractor was found with his throat slit by Palestinian workers, the official version was that the killing was the result of an argument over wages. But after October 14, we may witness a change in Rabin' s policies, because the Peace Prize will no longer be in the balance. Let us hope that such a change will be for the better, with "autonomy" placed on hold.

Another Nobel Candidate: Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, whose failed presidency ended in 1980, has spent the last few years meddling in various international conflicts, wherever he can grab the headlines as a "peacemaker." This career of his started at Camp David, when he was still more or less even-handed and called Begin his friend. But then his foundation accepted a $8,0000,0000000 "contribution" from the failed Arab bank, BCCI, and his tune changed. He attacked Begin and started fraternizing with Arafat. Lately he meddled, even without the blessing of his former underlings -- Secretary of State Warren Christopher and National Security Advisor Anthony Lake -- in the Unites States' conflicts with North Korea and Haiti. The result of his prying was to leave the tyrants of the countries involved intact. It has even been reported lately that Carter tried

to broker a peace during the Gulf War. It can be imagined that his solution would have been to leave Saddam Hussein in full control of his military might -- not that Bush ended the war much differently.

The main thing to hope for is that Carter will be kept totally out of the Middle East conflicts. He probably is dying to get involved with Syria and Israel, especially as the radical-left Jewish organization, "Nishma," is already doing the public relations work for the Syrian dictator and keeps lobbying for the Golan Heights to be given up to placate Assad.

A Carter mission to Syria would be bad news for Israel.

Sadat Laughed at Carter's Naivete with Assad

When it comes to Syria, we have, however, the testimony of none other than the late Anwar Sadat, president of Egypt, who, in the book published after his death, Those I Have Known, laughs at Carter' s naivete for thinking that he could rely on any word of Assad's, as Sadat writes, "He did not realize that the word of a Syrian is not one word but one thousand and one words." That testimony is also most valuable for Clinton, Rabin, Barak, Peres, Rabinovich and all others involved in trying to pin down the Syrian dictator and mass murderer of tens of thousands of his own people.

Avigdor Kahalani Defends the Golan Heights

One man who is not fooled by Assad is Knesset member Avigdor Kahalani, the hero of the Yom Kippur War. He more or less single-handedly kept superior Syrian tanks at bay until reinforcements came. Kahalani once showed me his leg, which is a patchwork of medical operations trying to put together a limb once shot to pieces by the Syrians. He is not about to let Rabin give up the strategic Golan Heights, which Rabin himself said during his election campaign was essential for Israel's defenses and which the current military chief of staff, Gen. Barak, too, called indispensable for Israel's survival.

Kahalani has gathered seven members of Rabin's party to rally around him to oppose giving up the Golan Heights. Some of them have started a hunger strike and thousands of Israelis have visited the hunger strikers during the Yomim Tovim. When Kahalani and his followers demanded that any Israeli referendum on the future of the Golan require a 65 percent majority -- because the 15 percent of the population that is Arab would, of course, side with Syria -- Rabin called such a demand "racist." It is the height of hypocrisy for him to say that an Arab is equally concerned and eligible to judge Israel's defenses against Arab aggression. To defend Israel is a racist idea?

Kahalani's heroic stand against his own Labor Party must be applauded by all Zionists and supporters of a strong Israel and many more will no doubt jump on his band wagon. As in the Hans Christian Andersen story, "The Emperor's Clothes," it only takes one voice, even a child's, to get masses of people to open their eyes to the truth, which they had been too blind or intimidated to admit to.




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