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Rabin’s Assassination Re-visited

Ever since the revelation of the role of Rabin’s own GSS (Shin Beth or Secret Police) at the time of his killing and the release of the Video cassette of the shooting, the entire case of his killing has taken on an entirely new aspect. Six of his GSS men who were assigned to protect him, have been notified by the Investigators that they should prepare their legal defense, as they are implicated in the investigation.

Anyone who has seen the video of the shooting and the scene just beforehand was flabbergasted at the sight of the cozy relationship between the GSS men and Yigal Amir who actually did the shooting a few moments later. You see them leisurely conversing with each other moments before. And at the moment of the shooting, you see the GSS open their ranks to allow Amir through so he can get close to the Prime Minister, as the latter walked to his car from the rally.

The respected Jerusalem Post has conducted an in-depth investigation which has yielded that Avishai Raviv, Rabin’s paid "agent prove" was the handler of Amir, and that the GSS were the handlers of Raviv. Many staged acts of "extremism" by Raviv and his crew were partly intended to blacken the image of the right wing opposition, but they also had as their purpose to prepare Amir for the killing. When Raviv was expelled from Tel Aviv University for his exaggerated extremism, it was the Prime Minister’s own office which asked for his re-instatement. The Prime Minister’s office evidently wanted Raviv to continue his work of recruiting agents from among the university students. (Historically, the Russian Czarist regime always recruited its "agents provocateurs" from among university students to infiltrate revolutionary opposition groups.) It was Raviv who held seminars for students in which he lectured them on the concept of "rodef" in Jewish law, the basis for Rabin’s killing. When Amir reached the point where he agreed to shoot Rabin, Raviv neither stopped him nor reported him to the police.

At the moment of the shooting, the Jerusalem Post, reports, it was Raviv who immediately announced over his beeper -- before any news service knew the identity of the iller -- that it was Amir who had fired the shots. He evidently knew what was coming - as Rabin’s own paid agent. The on-going judicial investigations will clearly reveal many more startling facts which will further change the general perception of the crime.

Here is an Excerpt from the Jerusalem Post Investigative Reports:

"On November 4th, Raviv arrived at the edge of the pro-Government demonstration about 15 minutes before the Rabin assassination. Raviv heard that bullets had been fired at about 9:15 PM. He immediately pulled out his mobile telephone and spoke to an unidentified person and asked whether Rabin had been shot. When he finished the conversation, he shouted "It was Yigal (Amir)!"

The TV newscasters only identified Amir much later on TV, while Raviv made his identification within moments of the shooting.

The Psychological Effect of the "Peace" Process on Rabin

An Israeli psychologist, Dr. Netta Kohn Dor-Shav published some time ago a psychological profile on Rabin which shows that a prominent feature in his personality was his evading, when confronted by a crisis, a hard decision or action, or the consequences of his own conduct. His critics talk about his tendency to "run away" and "escape" when facing a crisis - a phenomenon found in various situations of his long life of military and political activities. The psychologist put it this way: a person with Rabin’s psychological constitution suffers from "severe impairment of judgment, lack of ability to foresee consequences and failures, in the understanding of cause and effect."

As a result, Rabin displayed soon after the beginning of the Oslo agreement, created by others in his Government, like Peres, Beilin and some academic Marxists, a problem: "Rabin admitted that he had no idea such complications could arise and he had not anticipated that the negotiations would become so problematic." Mind you, this statement was made long before the true consequences of the Oslo agreement had yet become fact, that is, even before Gaza and Jericho were surrendered to the PLO, and before the massive terrorist suicide attacks had been launched from there. As the "peace" process rolled on, and seemed to become irreversible, Rabin must have realized that he was trapped by his own actions. He lost control of the situation, and became totally dependent on the leftists in his Government for further steps in the process. The shock must have been equal to that felt by his life-long friend and comrade-in-arms, General Mott Gur, who committed suicide when he realized the consequences of his Government’s “peace” process. (The official line was that he could not face growing cancer, but this was denied by his family.)

When Rabin Faced the Full Consequences of the "Peace" Process

Rabin was without doubt a great patriot and nationalist. He never ceased stressing that he was born in Jerusalem and had fought for its liberation, and that he would never countenance the weakening of Jewish undivided control of the city. His true aims for Israel were his 1992 campaign platform. No negotiations with the PLO, no Palestinian State, no giving up of the Golan Heights, maintaining the Jordan Valley as Israel’s essential defense line to the East. Security for the entire country was clearly his overriding concern. Terrorism had to be fought by all means.

As time went on, he realized that his major principles had been shattered. It is not certain that he knew that his own underlings, mainly Yossi Beilin, had secretly made a deal with the PLO in 1992 that if the PLO would “deliver” the Arab vote for Labor in the 1992 elections, Labor would agree to the conditions of the PLO, including a Palestinian State presumably with Jerusalem as its capital.

Things moved from bad to worse. As a military man, he must have been profoundly shaken by the demoralization in his own IDF (Israel Defense Forces), which became manifest in several embarrassing and demeaning incidents. In Southern Lebanon an Army post surrendered to the Hisbollah terrorists, and allowed them the Israeli flag and their equipment, to the utter shock of the whole nation. This evidence of cowardice and desertion in the face of the enemy, re-occurred when terrorists overran the Army post at Nitzarim near Gaza. It has been repeated in the shameful incidents at Tulkarm and Nablus (after Rabin’s death) when Israeli soldiers hid from incoming Palestinian soldiers who spit on them, and cursed them, destroyed the Israeli flag and equipment, as reported in the Jerusalem Post. The increase by 80% of the use of drugs among IDF soldiers is another tell-tale sign of the demoralization which the "peace" process has brought about - if the Government shows so little concern for Israel’s land, security and strategic assets, why should the soldiers show any heroism?

Oslo II was another heavy blow, and Rabin knew that more heavy blows were in store if the "peace" process would continue, including: admission of masses of Palestinian refugees, the disintegration of Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, the squeezing out of the staunch settlers by exposing them, without security cover, to murderous attacks and, as a result of pressure from Washington, Israel’s giving up its only effective deterrent, its atomic power!

Rabin’s desperation became evident in New York when he made the statement that Oslo II will take Israel back to the 1947 Partition Plan of the UN! Mind you, not the 1967 "Auschwitz" borders, not the 1949 or 1948 borders but the Bernadotte borders of 1947 which meant an Israel without Jerusalem, Jaffa, Beer Sheva, half of the Galil. Is there any wonder that he said this out of the utter pain which he, as a life-long Zionist and military hero, felt at seeing the disintegration of the Jewish State he had fought so hard for all his life?

It was Rabin who as Prime Minister in September 1975 had obtained a secret letter from President Gerald Ford assuring Israel the control of the Golan Heights. And now, 20 years later, he had been forced to write a letter to President Clinton - as has just been revealed in recent days - agreeing to giving up the entire Golan Heights!

Can there be any doubt that Rabin experienced an insurmountable psychological shock at realizing the consequences of a policy to which he himself had, albeit reluctantly, attached himself. This shock must have colored his last days and hours...

Honoring Rabin’s Memory

Rabin’s greatness becomes ever more evident now that he is gone, and we compare him with other leaders in whom we do not have full faith in yet. In Rabin we lost a staunch defender of the basic Zionist dream and protector of Israel’s Jews. We can best honor his memory not by promoting the very "peace" process which was so contrary to his life’s work, but by making sure that the disintegration of the Zionist dream which was so close to Rabin’s heart does not come about, and that the Government of today not be allowed to realize the heavy blows which are still in store under this process. This requires strong resistance to the pressures of the Arabists in Washington, and those Jewish circles which love the PLO more than the Jewish State, (as few as they really are). Our grief over the loss of Rabin must inspire us to a strong Zionist commitment, restoring of respect for Judaism, our guiding light for our survival over the millennia of our history, and true respect and free toleration of the opinions of all segments of the Jewish people, without fear of oppression and intimidation. Those who, instead, preach the "crushing" and "pulverizing" of the opposition must be taught the lesson of true unity. Rabin’s heroic sacrifice must not have been in vain.




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