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Big Scandal in Israel: Prime Minister, Himself, Paid Agent to Provoke Dissent and Violence

Despite frantic efforts by the Israeli government to cover up the scandal, the Israeli newspapers, television and radio, have filled the columns and the airwaves -- uncharacteristically for a heavily government-controlled and police-run society -- with hair-raising accounts of the real story behind much of the provocations against the Rabin government, which have been blamed for creating a climate of hate and violence that ultimately resulted in Rabin’s murder.

Much still remains to be revealed, but it is already clear that the late prime minister authorized payments to Avishai Raviv, who worked for the General Security Service (GSS) -- the equivalent of the FBI in this country. His job was to infiltrate the right-wing groups that were most opposed to the PLO-Peres agreements and the dismantling of the Jewish State. He formed the so-called Ayal cell to take in extremists who were to be enticed to acts of violence.

To bolster the fight of the government against the strong opposition Raviv was also to engage in actions that would be embarrassing to the Likud, the main opposition party. One such provocation was to fabricate posters showing Rabin in an SS uniform and to display these posters before the TV crews covering opposition rallies. It was these posters that were singled out as the leading examples of the extremist actions of the right tolerated by Likud and that fomented the atmosphere that led to Rabin’s murder. When Netanyahu heard about these posters he denied knowing about them -- which is understandable, because they only existed before the TV cameras and were never shown at the actual rallies!

The Khalkhul Ruse

Another outrageous act of the Raviv-type agents of the Prime Minister’s Office was the case of the killing of a Palestinian in Khalkhul last summer. The government quickly spread the story that this man had been killed by Jewish "settlers." The story was pushed so hard by the PR machine of the government, that the New York Times readily swallowed it and even published an editorial using the "killing" by the Jewish settlers as an argument to curb the settlements.

Soon thereafter the truth came out. The man was killed by Palestinians, not by Jews. But the government continued for a while to push the anti-settler line, and only after some time admitted the mistake. By then, the minds of the media had been sufficiently poisoned. The New York Times never retracted the story because doing so would have been an embarrassing exposure of the paper’s consistent anti-Zionist bias. It has now been revealed that the same Raviv was involved in this disinformation!

The History of ‘Agent Provocateur’

The French gave the name "agent provocateur" to the institution of paid agents who infiltrate and egg on the opposition to violence, making the opponents easier to subdue. The definition in the Oxford English Dictionary: "agent provocateur (azhang provocat’er): an agent employed to induce or incite a suspected person or group to commit an incriminating act." This institution was invented by Czarist Russia over 100 years ago to stir the Serbs in the Balkans to a rebellion against the Turks, which Russia could use as a pretext to declare war. But its use was most prominent in combating the Socialists during the Russian Revolution of 1905. The Czars -- like the Rabin Government -- targeted young students for the operation of the "agents provocateurs" because students were deemed more impressionable and emotional. At one point 20 percent of all young Russian students were reported to be paid undercover agents who were to organize anti-government demonstrations and then lead the demonstrators straight into the fire of the Czarist police. The Oxford Dictionary definition certainly fits the use by Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office of its "agent provocateur."

It is tragic to find that the Labor government had to resort to this old Czarist method to blacken the name of the opposition and thereby divert attention from the real issue of the day: the dangers to Israel’s survival in the PLO agreements, especially Oslo II. Was the Labor government so unsure of itself that it had to combat its opposition by "dirty tricks" The revelation of these tactics will certainly result in challenges by its victims, the legitimate opposition parties in Israel. Their disclosure should open the eyes of the world at large as to the unreliability of much that comes out of Labor’s propaganda machine.

The ‘Shalom Song’ was Banned for Years as Blasphemous and Anti-Patriotic

The late Yitzchak Rabin died having just finished singing the "Shalom Song." It is significant that this song was banned for years by Israel’s military on the grounds that it was defeatist and anti-patriotic. It was also deemed blasphemous because of its anti-religious lines. It was judged to be designed to undermine morale in Israel. This song gives us much food for thought about the moral fiber of the leftists, considering that it has become their leading anthem...

We must be vigilant against it being exported to the Unites States as some kind of rallying song for those who love the PLO and the Oslo II disaster -- instead of the peace with security that the opposition espouses. Just watch the Madison Square Garden rally now being prepared. Will the banned song be unpacked here, too?

Labor’s Idea of ‘Healing, Bringing Us Together’

Here are a few examples of Labor’s idea of how the Jewish people, especially in Israel, can be brought together in harmony in response to the atmosphere of dissent and division that is being blamed for Rabin’s murder.

Leah Rabin forbade Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and Haifa’s Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, a war hero, to speak at the funeral.

Peres turned down an invitation by Larry King to appear together with Likud leader Benyamin Netanyahu on King’s TV show.

Cabinet Minister Chaim Ramon said on Nightline, "Even if we have only a one percent majority, we will crush the opposition."

Israel’s Consul in New York ruled out Netanyahu’s participation at the Madison Square Garden memorial for Rabin.

President Ezer Weizman was accused of contributing to Rabin’s murder by calling for a slowing of the "peace" process on Israeli television.

Laws were passed to bar "extremists" -- a euphemism for American Orthodox Jews -- from entering Israel, while at the same time thousands of Palestinian terrorists and murderers were released from Israeli jails.

School children were asked by Education Minister Amnon Rubenstein to report on teachers perceived to be "extremists" -- in other words, opposed to the "peace" agreement.

While it is repeated ad nauseam that the opposition has used a handful of invectives against the leftists, it is timely to list the inflammatory invectives used by the leftists against the opposition for years, especially against religious Jews and the "settlers"; "Ayatollahs"; "racists"; "cry babies"; "not real Israelis"; "barbarians"; "embarrassment to Judaism"; "enemies of Israel"; "Go back to Brooklyn"; "pariahs"; "rabble"; "outcasts"; "allies of Hamas"; "propellers."

Yehiel Kadishai, the life-long assistant to Menachem Begin, said this in a recent interview:

Demonstrators camped outside Begin’s home. The chanting never stopped. It was a constant refrain and the words were blood-chilling. Begin was called a murderer. Begin was likened to Hitler. It was awful. Each time the chants of "murderer" grew shriller. Police Minister Josef Burg offered to disperse the crowds, but Begin opposed this and said it was the citizens’ democratic right to voice their displeasure. There were no condemnations from the left or attempts to curb the use of such epithets. Arik Sharon was also their target. The demonstrators carried placards with shameful cartoons, far worse than anything used against Rabin. There were threats against Begin’s and Sharon’s lives.

Don’t be Side-tracked by Brainwashing Blitz: They Want to Divert Your Attention from the Fateful ‘Peace’ Process

During the last weeks, one event after the other has traumatized Jewish emotions and nerves: the funeral of the late Prime Minister; mass rallies in Israel and the United States; witch-hunts; McCarthy-like finger-pointing. What it is all about is diverting the world’s attention from the dreadful "peace" process, which is aimed at dismantling Israel, Jerusalem, Hebron and the rest of Judah and Samaria and the Golan Heights are in the balance.

PLO Cashed in on Rabin’s Death

While the funeral went on, the PLO cashed in. Its huge aid program -- in the name of honoring Rabin’s memory -- sailed through Congress without any meaningful conditions or demands for PLO compliance with previous commitments attached. AIPAC and the Israeli Embassy pushed hard for the PLO!

Arafat meanwhile made it known -- according to Israeli intelligence sources -- that he had no intention of complying with his solemn commitment to Rabin and President Clinton to abrogate the PLO covenant, which in 32 of its 33 clauses calls for the destruction of Israel, the end of Zionism and the deportation of Jews.

And when he entered Jenin, he announced in Arabic that he expected to be in control of Jerusalem within a year. Who will now speak up against these ghastly violations of the "peace" agreements of Oslo and Cairo?




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