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Arafat Behind Assassination Attempt on Mubarak?

The world was startled by the news that Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak had been the object of a well-planned assassination attempt. As he drove from the International Auir Port of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, his motorcade passed the Embassy of the PLO. Suddenly a Toyota jeep drove out and positioned itself across the road. Gunmen jumped out and began machine gunning Mubarak’s car. More gunmen opened fire on the Egyptian president from the street and from rooftops -- presumably from the PLO Embassy building. The New York Times went on to report, "A Palestine Liberation Organization official who insisted on not being identified, said that the PLO ambassador in Ethiopia, Yousef Rafeb Radi, had been wounded in the leg during the attack."

This was how the incident was described in the first day’s news report in the Times. Surprisingly, all further editions of the Times and the Israeli press censored any reference to the PLO and, instead, diverted attention to Mubarak’s Sudanese enemies. Somebody clearly wants to help the PLO out of being accused of this crime. It seems, therefore clear that the assassination attempt was carried out with the full cooperation of Arafat’s PLO, possibly with its close Sudanese comrades-in-arms.

Arafat has for years maintained training camps for terrorists in the Sudan. The de facto ruler of the Sudan is Dr. Hassan Turabi -- the mastermind of all international terrorism operations out of the Sudan, jointly with Arafat and the financial support of Iran. There may be political differences between Egypt and the Sudan, but they are insignificant and refer only to a small sliver of land along the Red Sea. Much more fundamental is the ideological and religious conflict between Mubarak -- who through his peace with Israel, is an anathema to the Moslem fundamentalists -- and the PLO-Turabi-Iran axis.

Arafat’s Motivation

Every crime must have a motivation, Arafat has many. Once Mubarak is removed from rule in Egypt, Arafat’s fundamentalist colleagues will take over the country and will inherit the enormous masses of super-sophisticated arms that the United States has piled on Egypt over the past several years on the presumption that Egypt is a secure and reliable "peace partner." Imagine that unlimited storehouse of weapons in the hands of fundamentalist haters of America, Israel and any kind of peace process. The first victim would be the Camp David peace accord laboriously worked out among Begin, Sadat and Carter. Israel would immediately be vulnerable to a resumption of war and aggression.

Arafat would feel free of any obligation to the recent "peace process" of Oslo and Cairo. Mubarak, who has often acted as peace broker between the two sides, would be eliminated, and the full fury of Islamic ambitions over Israel would be unleashed.

Of course, Assad of Syria -- who may have been waiting for the elimination of Mubarak -- would also feel free to unleash aggression against Israel. King Hussein of Jordan would be in mortal jeopardy, being without any "moderate" ally once Mubarak is gone. The takeover of Jordan by the PLO -- long-planned and pronounced -- could take place with impunity.

Dire Lessons from the Assassination Attempt

Both the United States and Israel must draw immediate conclusions as to the far-reaching consequences of this near-successful nightmare scenario. It is intolerable to rely for peace on just one man, whose life is hanging by one hair or less.

The Unites States must therefore at all times have a strong, militarily superior ally in Israel. Any step that would weaken and paralyze Israel must be stopped. Israel, on the other hand, must realize that Arafat and the PLO are totally treacherous "peace partners" who are only waiting for the moment to breach any agreement and march on to full conquest of Israel together with their extremist comrades-in-arms. Any further talks on "autonomy" with the PLO are nothing other than an opening to Israel’s destruction. If the life of just one man is what stands in the way of Arafat fulfilling his persistent dream of an all-Palestinian state, it would be suicide to accommodate him any further.

Rabin and the people of Israel must thank G-d that such a clear warning and alarm as the botched assassination attempt on Mubarak’s life was delivered. That warning must immediately be heeded. Stop the dangerous and phony "peace process" if Israel’s existence is dear to you!

Washington must totally rearrange its policy in the Middle East. The dream of a "new" Middle East is a phantom. Nothing has changed. All of America’s enemies are still there -- Saddam Hussein, Arafat, Assad, Iran’s President Rafsanjani, Qaddafi, Sudan’s Turabi, and Russia -- only Israel is a time-tested, relieable ally. Stop pushing Israel into impotence, which would only open up the United States to total defeat in the Middle East. Once the Middle East is in the hands of Moslem extremists, the day will not be far when the Russians realize their old dream of replacing the United States as the dominant power in the Middle East. Will the warning be heeded in Washington and Jerusalem?

A.M. Rosenthal Blows the Whistle on the PLO

In one of his most important columns the influential New York Times columnist, A.M. Rosenthal, has begun detailing recently revealed documents showing how Arafat is misusing donors’ money. So far his revelations are mild compared to the revelations that I predict will follow. Once the full truth about where Arafat keeps his enormous fortunes and how he uses them for his destructive political aims is fully disclosed. Congress will automatically have to suspend any release of funds to the PLO. Just watch for the next round of revelations! Abe Rosenthal has earned a huge debt of gratitude from the Western world for blowing the whistle on this horrendous abuse and misuse of funds by Arafat.

Powerful Anti-PLO Ad Irks Rabin Government

Some weeks ago I reported on the Emergency Meeting of the Leadership Conference for Israel. At this meeting the decision was taken to launch a hard-hitting ad on the question of further funds to the PLO. The full-page ad appeared last week in the New York Times, in the name of the Zionist Organization of America and the National Council of Young Israel. The Rabin government, which has been traveling the world with that in hand, begging for money for the PLO, was of course irked by the powerful message of the ad. Colette Avital, Israel’s consul general in New York, expressed the changrin of the Rabin government in an interview with Maariv last Friday in which she made the sadly misguided statement: "The ZOA is a small and unimportant organization. There are enough people who are supporting the funding of the PLO. The ZOA will not succeed in impeding these efforts.” Famous last words...

Jerusalem Concert a Success; Expo 95 Flops

On May 21 some 4,00 enthusiastic lovers of Zion gathered in Central Park for a 3-hour "Jerusalem 3 Concert." As the chairman of this magnificent manifestation, I had a chance to deliver a strong speech in support of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. My speech and the concert were carried live by radio to Israel.

Colette Avital had tried to sabotage this concert by urging the public to boycott it and, instead attend her "Expo 95" festival. The result is now officially in: While 4,000 Zionists attended the concert only 18, visitors -- mostly school children -- came to Expo 95 during its six days at a cost to the Israeli government of $200,000. Could it be that the consul general is out of touch with the Jewish community in New York?




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